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Jaguar XJR-15 With Beautiful Girls Models Cars

The Jaguar Sport XJR-15 is a RMR layout sports car produced by British automaker Jaguar between 1990 and 1992. Only 50 were made, each selling for US$960,165. Based mechanically on the Le Mans-winning Jaguar XJR-9, the car had an aerodynamic body styled by Peter Stevens, who later went on to style the McLaren F1.

The car's production was announced in a press release on November 15, 1990. It was then built by Jaguar Sport in Bloxham Oxfordshire (a subsidiary of TWR) England from 1990 to 1992. While all are now privately owned, some were built for professional racing.

The mid-engine, rear-wheel drive sports car is powered by a 450 hp (336 kW), naturally aspirated V12 engine of 5993 cc, and has a 6-speed manual, unsynchronized transmission (a 5-speed, synchromesh transmission was also available as an optional extra). The XJR-15's chassis and bodywork are composed of carbon fiber and Kevlar, and its engine features an advanced electronically managed fuel injection system. The XJR-15 has a 0–60 mph time of 3.9 seconds and a (gearing limited) top speed of 191 mph (307 km/h).

Because of its V12 engine, power-hungry buyers saw the XJR-15 as an attractive alternative to the Jaguar XJ220, which was powered by a twin-turbo V6. The XJ220 was also a limited production vehicle, of which 281 were built.

The XJR-15 stemmed from a concept car by Jaguar Sport and Tom Walkinshaw Racing (TWR) called Project R9R. The R9R was developed by Jaguar Sport for the purpose of testing the endurance of carbon and plastic bodywork at high speeds. It was based mechanically on the V12-powered XJR-9, which won the 1988 Le Mans. After thousands of miles of testing and thorough analysis, the R9R went into production as the Jaguar XJR-15 in 1990.

According to a press release by Jaguar Sport, it was built specifically with the 1991 Jaguar Sport Intercontinental Challenge in mind: a three-race competition held throughout the year as support events for the 1991 Formula One Grand Prix at Monaco, Silverstone, and Spa-Francorchamps.

Sixteen XJR-15s were entered in each of the first two events. The winner of the third and final race, Armin Hahne, was awarded a cash prize of US$1 million.

While Jaguar Sport never exported the XJR-15 out of Europe, at least three are known to have made their way to the United States. One was sold at the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance in 2001 for US$176,000. Another was sold at Pebble Beach in 2003 for US$154,000 (which was, incidentally, alongside a Jaguar XJ220 which sold for US$157,500). At least two made their way to Japan, one of which listed for sale, as of March 2011, for a price of 3360.0万円.

The most recent was sold at the Bonhams & Butterfields Auction in Carmel, CA in August 2004. It is reported to have been sold to a private collector for around US$175,000. The auctioned car in question was originally ordered in 1991 by British pop music producer Matt Aitken, one of the few owner-drivers participating in the Intercontinental Challenge.

Sport Compact Car With Beautiful Girls

Sport Compact Car (or abbreviated as SCC) was an American car magazine that lasted from 1988 to 2009. Sport Compact Car focused on modifying and racing sport compacts, usually import model cars. This publication was known for having a more technical approach than most other typical import car magazines and for the substantial number of project cars they have developed. Sport Compact Car (SCC) was published monthly by Source Interlink, which acquired it from Primedia in 2007.

On November 21, 2008, Source Interlink closed "Sport Compact Car" after 20 years of continuous publication, amid a company-wide restructuring that resulted in the layoff of 115 employees. The final issue of "Sport Compact Car" was the March, 2009 issue.

The Ultimate Street Car Challenge was an annual car comparison put on by Sport Compact Car magazine. The entrants were mostly tuned cars of Japanese origin (fitting with the focus of SCC) that are ostensibly voted in by readers but selected by the editors.

The point of the competition is to build a car that is reasonably comfortable and efficient, emissions-compliant, and reliable, while also being very fast on the drag strip or on a track. Competitors are judged on the following criteria, with most categories being worth 100 or 110 points (depending on the year) while the Gross Display of Horsepower is only worth 30 points.

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Mercedes-Benz Girl USA Auto Cars

Mercedes-Benz vehicles represent some of the finest automobiles on the face of the planet. Accordingly, the models surrounding these Knew my direction and follow the girl in the Mercedes Benz Chorus: Didn't car how far she'd go, tank full, top down, come on lets roll Getting girls interested in technical professions is the aim of “Each Girl Is a Star,” an educational program run by Mercedes-Benz Turkey in cooperation What would be an auto show without the girls. Not exactly sure what the purpose of the girls is, since they are pretty clueless about the Mercedes-Benz Girl USA Auto Cars.

Automotive Cars Mercedes Benz Financial Services

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Most Beautiful Auto Cars and Girls

Top 5 most beautiful cars and girls at auto show in Minsk city, Belarus Beautiful pictures. Most beautiful girls In Car Series by Miss World. The auto industry is no dummy, and it realizes the best way to get the attention of Car News Audi A4 - Auto Build's most beautiful car of the year 64742. Los Angeles Auto Show: Girls, Models on Mattig Cars, Detroit Auto Show girls. BEIJING 2010 AUTO SHOW BEAUTIFUL CAR GIRL. Added to queue The South Korean Most beautiful Race Queen Hwan.

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All New 2012 2011 at Automotive Cars BMW Car Models

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