Saturday, November 27, 2010

Bugatti Veyron Super Sport Riview

Bugatti Veyron CarManufacturer supercar, Bugatti is already showing the newest face of the Bugatti Veyron Super Sport at the weekend at Pebble Beach. That's just looks alone, while more detailed specification of this car has just revealed.
In short, the latest version of the specification car record-breaking world's fastest production car is still powered car that it is 'thirsty' fuel.
Because of this crazy car certainly will be equipped by the latest W16 engine capable of issuing up to 1200 hp power. Certainly this crazy power certainly will not be felt fully in ordinary streets.
Because the crazy engine combined with 7-speed DSG transmission is already capable of accelerating from rest to 100 km per hour in just 2.5 seconds and accelerates to 200 km per hour in just 7.3 seconds.
Now because of the terrible power and ability then do not be surprised if this is the Bugatti Veyron Super Sport like thirsty when walking. Because for one liter of gasoline Bugatti Veyron Super Sport could gobble it up just by walking as far as 2.5 km only alias 1:2,5 km perliter.
While the road toll for the Super Sport Bugatti Veyron is a little more efficient which it has a ratio of 1:6,9 km perliter.
Though the engine behind bonnetnya just want to drink gasoline with high octane gasoline with just the 98 that Ron would not be sold in general retail outlets in Indonesia.
Despite that, topspeed cut Bugatti car to save the use of tires. When the record-breaking world's fastest car Bugatti Veyron Super Sport able to drive up to 431.3 km per hour, then in this version of the Bugatti was slowed to only 430.9 km per hour only.
But still, the ability of the Super Sport Bugatti Veyron will not be much useful when used on the streets of Jakarta that was super bad.

Friday, November 26, 2010

New Yamaha Byson 20 Million 19,9 Juta

Yamaha Byson, Yamaha Byson modifikasiPT Yamaha Motor Kencana Indonesia would eventually leak the official price of the newest sports. Yamaha Byson kepasaran 19.9 million rupiah was released On The Road.
With that price range, Byson ready to fight with his eternal rival who also
new faces made, namely New Honda Mega Pro, which was released for Rp 19.44 million.
"We're off Byson the price of Rp 19.9 million on the road, a competitive price, we also believe will be well received by the community," said President Director of PT Yamaha Motor Kencana Indonesia, Dyonisius Bety, when held a press conference on the Rolling Stones Cafe Jakarta, Friday (20/08/2010)
So far, Honda has recorded a number of reservations are masculine-looking bike as much as 1000 units. Note, there is a special achievement of Byson, since its launch the new course will begin after Lebaran later.
Byson is a streetfighter-style motor sport the latest from Yamaha, which first launched in India by the name of the FZ16. The engine capacity of 153cc, with a carburetor, powered 10.1 Ps, so that would be cool dikebut within the city.
Other features, apart from the masculine look, Byson also been equipped with a digital speedometer, muffler with katalytic conventer, as well as a large fork dab tire tread width of 130 mm, ensuring a cool handling Byson invited to maneuver.
Yamaha offers only one variant Byson just the type casting wheel, with a choice of four colors, black, red, blue and white.
You interested? Please make a reservation, because this September premiere units will begin shipping to consumers. Yamaha also offers a way of ordering online.

Honda City

Honda City is a subcompact car manufactured by the Japanese manufacturer Honda since 1981. Originally made for the Japanese, European and Australasian markets, the City was retired without replacement in 1994.
The nameplate was then revived for use on a series of compact four door sedans particularly aimed at developing markets, mainly sold in Asia outside of Japan but lately also in Latin America and Australia.
From 2002 to 2008, the City was also known as the Honda Fit Aria in Japan domestic market. It is a subcompact sedan built on Honda's Global Small Car platform, which it shares with the Fit/Jazz (a five-door hatchback)
the Airwave/Partner (a wagon/panel van version of the Fit Aria/City), the Mobilio, and the Mobilio Spike—all of which share the location of the fuel tank under the front seats rather than rear seats. By mid-2009, cumulative sales of the City has exceeded 1.2 million units in over 45 countries around the world since the nameplate was revived in 1996.
The first Honda City (AA for sedans, VF for vans and FA for the wider Turbo II and Cabriolets) was introduced in November 1981 with the innovative "Tallboy" design; of unusual height it enabled four adults to fit comfortably in the very short City (under 3.4 m/11.2 ft).
Produced as a 3-door hatchback in a variety of trim levels, the City was also available together with the Motocompo, a special 50cc 'foldaway' scooter designed to fit in the City's small luggage area.
In September 1982 a turbocharged version of the 1231 cc Honda ER engine was introduced. A Pininfarina designed drop-top Cabriolet utilized the wider fenders and bigger bumpers of the Turbo II "Bulldog", but was only normally available with the naturally aspirated 67 PS (49 kW) engine.
There was also a Pro-series of van versions with either two or four seats. A high-roof "R Manhattan Roof" version with a 10 cm taller roof also appeared.
Exports of the City were primarily to Europe (where it was renamed Honda Jazz, due to Opel having trademarked the City name)
Australia (in two seater 'van' form, to circumvent Australian import restrictions on passenger vehicles at the time) and New Zealand (where it was locally assembled). Production ended in late 1986 with the introduction of the GA type City.

Suzuki Aerio

Suzuki Aerio (called the Liana (Life In A New Age) in China, Europe, South Asia and Australia) is a compact car that was built by Suzuki Motor Corporation. It was introduced in 2001 as a replacement for the Suzuki Esteem/Baleno, with a tall 5-door hatchback (for maximum inner room efficiency) and a 4-door sedan body.
It featured two different 16-valve gasoline straight-4 engines, with 1.5 L and 1.8 L, this one capable of 125 PS (92 kW; 123 hp) JIS. Production was discontinued in 2007 around the world and replaced by the Suzuki SX-4, except in China where it is built by Changhe-Suzuki and Pakistan where it is still being assembled by Pak Suzuki Motor.
Models in North America got a larger and more powerful 2.0 L engine with 145 hp (108 kW). A 5-speed manual transmission was standard with a 4-speed automatic optional. All-wheel-drive was available, but only with the automatic. American Aerios came in two trim levels: the S and GS (2002–2004), S and LX (2005), and Base and Premium (2006–2007).
Key changes over the years included an upgrade to a new 2.3-liter 155 hp (116 kW; 157 PS) engine in 2004, a major styling and interior refresh in 2005 (replacing the digital instruments with conventional analog ones), and the standardization of antilock brakes in 2006. Only the Aerio sedan remained for 2007, as the hatchback had been shelved to make room for the new 2007 SX4 hatchback.
Likewise, the Aerio sedan [called Baleno Next-G in Indonesia] bowed out at year's end, making way for the 2008 SX4 Sport sedan [called Neo Baleno in Indonesia]. Throughout its run, the Aerio was distinct for being the most affordable car in America to offer all-wheel-drive. In Europe, where the car was called Liana (an acronym for "Life In A New Age"), it was seen as a more affordable alternative to small family cars or to mini MPVs, introducing a new generation of Suzuki M engines, with 1.3 L and 1.6 L I4 engine. All wheel drive was available on the bigger engine.
In 2004 the car was restyled with a look that closer resembled the Japanese version, and also received a Diesel engine, with a 16-valve version of the 1.4 L HDi engine supplied by PSA Peugeot Citro├źn, capable of 90 PS (66 kW; 89 hp) thanks to common rail direct injection and a variable geometry turbocharger.
The Liana was best known[2] for its appearances in the BBC's Top Gear's Star in a Reasonably-Priced Car segment, as the sedan model was used from its first show until the model's replacement by a Chevrolet Lacetti in the show's spring 2006 season. Today, it enjoys a partial retirement, only being brought back when the guest is a Formula 1 driver.
Changhe-Suzuki in China released a new 1.4L Liana hatchback in October 2010, called Liana a+, which has been sold alongside 1.6L versions. The Liana remains in production in Pakistan in 1.3L and 1.6L variants. The Liana had very poor sales in most former Yugoslav countries and Hungary.

Magyar Suzuki

Magyar Suzuki Corporation, located in Esztergom, Hungary and founded in 1991, is a automobile manufacturing plant, a subsidiary of Suzuki.
Through the end of September, 2005, the plant had a cumulative production volume of 849,000: 465,000 Suzuki Swift (Generation II) through March, 2003, 187,000 Suzuki Wagon R+, 137,000 Suzuki Ignis and 60,000 Generation IV of the Suzuki Swift.
Current production capacity is 300,000 units/year. In addition to Suzuki-badged vehicles, the Hungarian plant also produced 24,943 Fiat Sedici CUVs and 4,494 Ignis-based Subaru G3X Justys. The plant will produce the new Suzuki Splash, as well as a rebadged version, the Opel Agila.
Initially constructed with an investment of 14 billion Hungarian forints, Magyar Suzuki initially produced 1.0-litre and 1.3-litre Swifts, reaching the ten thousandth car in 1993. On October 6, 2006, the plant produced its one millionth car, a five-door Generation IV Suzuki Swift.
The plant meets ISO 14001 quality levels, engines manufactured at the plant meet Euro IV requirements, and Suzuki requires ISO 9001:2000 quality assurance certification from suppliers and dealerships.

Maruti Suzuki Swift DZire

Maruti Suzuki Swift DZire is the new entry level sedan from Indian automaker Maruti Suzuki. Launched on March 26, 2008, Maruti Swift DZire is based on the popular Suzuki Swift platform.
The Swift DZire replaces Maruti Suzuki’s popular entry level sedan, Maruti Suzuki Esteem, production of which was discontinued in late 2007. Maruti Suzuki has introduced Swift DZire only in the Indian market.
Swift DZire is a result of an indigenous project started in 2005 to design a three-box notchback version of the Swift. Some changes have been made to the car’s overall styling to seamlessly integrate the boot.
The wheelbase remains the same. The car weighs about 30–35 kg more than the Swift hatchback. Few modifications in the rear suspension have been done to cope with the additional weight of the boot and improve the ride quality for the rear passengers. Adjustments in the rear seat inclination have been made to improve the rear seat comfort and legroom.
The car is pitted against the other entry level sedans in the Indian market, such as the Mahindra Renault Logan and the Tata Indigo.
The Swift DZire has become infamous for delivery delays as the number of cars being booked is large. The price of the car and the features offered are very attractive compared to the entry-level sedan competition (in India), resulting in large number of bookings. The diesel version of the Dzire, in particular, had delivery times extending from 4 to 6 months.
Maruti DZire is available in both petrol and diesel versions. The car uses the same engines as available in the Swift.
* A four cylinder 1197cc 16V DOHC Petrol engine, rated at 85 bhp (63 kW) @6000 rpm with 113 N·m (83 ft·lbf) @ 4500rpm maximum torque. * A four cylinder 1248cc 16V DOHC Diesel engine, rated at 75 bhp (56 kW) @ 4000 rpm with 190 N·m (140 ft·lbf) @ 2000rpm maximum torque.
Maruti Swift DZire is offered in 6 variants: * The Petrol 1197 cc version is available in LXi, VXi and ZXi variants. * The Diesel 1248 cc version is available in LDi, VDi and ZDi variants.
All the models are 5 speed manual transmissions.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Honda Jazz Modification Modifikasi

Honda Jazz modifikasi, ModificationFoto Honda Jazz modifikasiIndonesia Honda Jazz modifikasiAfter ensuring the Honda CR-Z hybrid went on sale in local markets of Japan in 2011, is now leaking information Happenings Honda Motor plans to produce hybrid Honda Jazz.
As proclaimed, Wednesday (25 / 8), a Japanese manufacturer that has been leaking information display and little details that hybrid versions of Honda Jazz.
"Like the Honda Insight hybrid will be equipped Jazz 1300 cc petrol engine and an electric motor, and use automatic transmission device continously variable transmission (CVT)," said the page was quoting a source at Honda.
Indeed, there is no complete information particulars including details of machine capabilities and the torque produced hybrids that Jazz. Just by looking at the level of fuel consumption Jazz is now, that is 6.41 liters for 100 kilometers, is expected to Jazz hybrid will have a much better performance.
Still according to information from insiders, Jazz hyrbrid concept that will be exhibited at the Paris Auto Show 2010 title in October.
But unfortunately, until now no detailed information when the Jazz hybrid was introduced to the market, what price tag of, and in areas where it would be sold.

Mercedes Benz GLK350 Review

 Mercedes Benz GLK350 Mercedes Benz GLK350 Picture Mercedes Benz GLK350 InteriorWhat a difference a decade.
seriously 10 years ago, Mercedes-Benz affect his image with the introduction of what was then a small SUV ML320 .. the. It cost somewhere in the middle of the 30s, they take in a new market segment, but was an important step in what people expect from Mercedes in materials and workmanship.
An even smaller SUV should be more reason to despair, is not it? No, not now.
You see, Mercedes as a whole has followed the law of the ML320 garden path ... leading to a decade-Benz less than all of the specific model names ... even some whose prices are surprisingly high.
The good news is that MB appears in the bite with some products that seem to draw his bar to higher market share ... It is in this environment, GLK350 force.
Size? Think somewhere between a Ford Escape and Ford Explorer.
Price? The base is a reasonable price of $ 35,900. For that you get power to a 268 V6 with a seven-speed automatic transmission, leading to EPA, about 16 miles per gallon city/21 highway.
Best of all, it feels firmer than the LMA has never ... and if at 10 high-quality options (premium light package, Media package, Sport Appearance Package) does not seem too stupid or too much because, well, it's a Mercedes loaded. Must be a notch above other things.
to pay for years, people a premium for Mercedes-Benz quality and technology, is not the board itself. When the days are back, we are all better off.


This applies to all-wheel drive GLK. Select the model of two-wheel-drive, and the base price is $ 34.600 reduced ... making it one of the cheapest Benz you can buy. And because the ML 320 1998 $ 33.900, is incredible. Fuel consumption remains unchanged in the city, but improved to 22 on the road.

A recent campaign in the two-wheel-drive model strengthens the previous revision to all four wheels. And this time, Mercedes was only about 8,000 in options (premium multimedia package and the iPod interface) ... so under the dash for $ 875 shipping and handling was $ 42.925.

A Women’s Point of View: Fuel Additives Can Be Good

A few weeks ago I talked about how to lessen your visits to the dreaded gas station. Additives were briefly mentioned as one way to keep your car running at its peak performance.

I have been requested to write more about these additives, so I did some research. Speaking to the experts on the subject, I have learned that there is good news and not so good news in regards to fuel additives. The not so good news is that most gasoline additives are pretty much worthless. The good news is that there
are a couple of additives that actually do some good for your car’s engine. It's a good thing we have auto experts on hand who can tell us which ones!

The first is called Sea Foam. Yes. I agree, it is a pretty silly name for your big strong car that really doesn’t run in or on the sea. But as a gasoline additive it cleans the car’s fuel system and is very stable when used, especially if you are storing your vehicle. Best used at intervals of two or three times a year. Another good additive to use is Stabil, for storing your vehicle. It helps to keep your gasoline fresh. An additive called 44K is something we use at Cars For Keeps to keep gasoline fresh and cleans the fuel injectors.

All of these are helpful for getting the most for your money at the gas pump. Here is the last, but best, hint of all; nothing is better than a knowledgeable, well-trained mechanic looking after your vehicle at regular maintenance intervals. Almost like having a ‘mechanic in a bottle’.

Save driving!

Powerful engine 1.6 L from Volvo

Swedish car manufacturer, Volvo, announced its new petrol engine with a capacity of 1.6 L four-cylinder equipped with direct injection technology (direct injection) and turbo charged. This combination they named Gasoline Turbocharged Direct Injection (GTDi).
Variants of this Anyar machine code there are two with T3 and T4. For the 1.6 L GTDi T3 has 150 PS power and 240 Nm of torque. While the 1.6 L GTDi T4 180 PS and 240 Nm of torque, but can be increased to be 270 Nm, depending on needs. Both engines will be pinned on the Volvo S60 and V60.
"We anticipate no decrease in fuel consumption and exhaust emissions of about 20 percent compared with conventional gasoline engine with larger displacement and a similar performance," said Senior Vice President of Product Development Volvo Magnus Jonsson, Monday (30/08/2010) this. At the same time, he continued, GTDi engine can provide power to quickly and seemed to feel of driving a modern diesel engine.
Both variants of the machine equipped with automatic transmission, Powershift six-speed and six-speed manual is also for 1.6 GTDi T4. Its privileges, when the driver again and then lifted off the gas pedal, the gears soon be free. Thus, reducing rolling resistance and fuel economy.
While the T3 is only offered 1.6 GTDi six-speed manual gearbox is equipped with the function "start / stop". So, when the car stopped due to freezes, the engine went dead. We want roads, no need to turn the ignition key. Simply press the accelerator, the engine has come back.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Mitsubishi Lancer Evo Evolution X

Mitsubishi Lancer Evo Evolution X - One of the homes in America are quite popular modification AMS performace (AMSP) has memermak Mitsubishi Lancer Evo X, which later changed its name to Mitsubishi AMS 900X. In terms of appearance no one extreme to the body, except the use of rear wing and front spoiler are frightening.

So, why is number 900? What does he mean? This figure indicates that the Evo X energy stored in the engine capacity of 2.2 liters 900HP. Can be jumped dramatically to much for AMS because it provides a special package for the Evo X.

The part that was replaced in the heart pacemaker Evo X as head studs, piston specifications JE, Kelford cams, per valve and piston rod Manlley I-Beam. In addition, there GT900X turbocharger kits V-band using a Tial 44 mm wastegate, whose condition is equivalent to the exhaust system Racing Series.

Not only that, any new system intercoolernya, including fuel line system. With replacement, the maximum power produced 900 HP.

Outside the engine innards, in a special package, including a new clutch of strength as well as with shifter bushings, engine mounting kit of materials polyurethene. And the aftermarket package is suitable for spec Evo marketed in the U.S., Japan's domestic and European.

In a press release, AMS Performance stated that the package AMS900X for Evo X is a solution for those who are fond of speed. Power terdongkrak three times the standard, thus making the sedan into a super car. Power 900 HP is the highest for the Evo X.

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