Wednesday, November 24, 2010

A Women’s Point of View: Fuel Additives Can Be Good

A few weeks ago I talked about how to lessen your visits to the dreaded gas station. Additives were briefly mentioned as one way to keep your car running at its peak performance.

I have been requested to write more about these additives, so I did some research. Speaking to the experts on the subject, I have learned that there is good news and not so good news in regards to fuel additives. The not so good news is that most gasoline additives are pretty much worthless. The good news is that there
are a couple of additives that actually do some good for your car’s engine. It's a good thing we have auto experts on hand who can tell us which ones!

The first is called Sea Foam. Yes. I agree, it is a pretty silly name for your big strong car that really doesn’t run in or on the sea. But as a gasoline additive it cleans the car’s fuel system and is very stable when used, especially if you are storing your vehicle. Best used at intervals of two or three times a year. Another good additive to use is Stabil, for storing your vehicle. It helps to keep your gasoline fresh. An additive called 44K is something we use at Cars For Keeps to keep gasoline fresh and cleans the fuel injectors.

All of these are helpful for getting the most for your money at the gas pump. Here is the last, but best, hint of all; nothing is better than a knowledgeable, well-trained mechanic looking after your vehicle at regular maintenance intervals. Almost like having a ‘mechanic in a bottle’.

Save driving!


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