Friday, November 26, 2010

New Yamaha Byson 20 Million 19,9 Juta

Yamaha Byson, Yamaha Byson modifikasiPT Yamaha Motor Kencana Indonesia would eventually leak the official price of the newest sports. Yamaha Byson kepasaran 19.9 million rupiah was released On The Road.
With that price range, Byson ready to fight with his eternal rival who also
new faces made, namely New Honda Mega Pro, which was released for Rp 19.44 million.
"We're off Byson the price of Rp 19.9 million on the road, a competitive price, we also believe will be well received by the community," said President Director of PT Yamaha Motor Kencana Indonesia, Dyonisius Bety, when held a press conference on the Rolling Stones Cafe Jakarta, Friday (20/08/2010)
So far, Honda has recorded a number of reservations are masculine-looking bike as much as 1000 units. Note, there is a special achievement of Byson, since its launch the new course will begin after Lebaran later.
Byson is a streetfighter-style motor sport the latest from Yamaha, which first launched in India by the name of the FZ16. The engine capacity of 153cc, with a carburetor, powered 10.1 Ps, so that would be cool dikebut within the city.
Other features, apart from the masculine look, Byson also been equipped with a digital speedometer, muffler with katalytic conventer, as well as a large fork dab tire tread width of 130 mm, ensuring a cool handling Byson invited to maneuver.
Yamaha offers only one variant Byson just the type casting wheel, with a choice of four colors, black, red, blue and white.
You interested? Please make a reservation, because this September premiere units will begin shipping to consumers. Yamaha also offers a way of ordering online.


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