Friday, July 9, 2010

BMW Rennwagen M3

BMW Rennwagen M3

When you look at the aftermarket aero kits available for the BMW E92 M3, you can see how they all start to look alike. First there was the AC Schnitzer front lip, then the very popular Vorsteiner lip and out of that design came a slew of variations of the same design featuring a slightly BMW Rennwagen M3. How uncreative is this.

But unlike what’s been done, copied and relabeled over and over again, Craftsman from Japan have come out with a couple of original looking designs for this outgoing model from Bavaria.

The new line is under the Rennwagen brand sold by Craftsman. Shown here is their BMW E92 M3 demo car. It’s been ordered in the Individual Dakar Yellow II delivered 4.5 months from the order date. They unveiled the car at SIS last month but have since then been making the show circuits like the recent AF Imp Super Carnival.
Headlighst are tinted for that mean look. Stance is courtesy of KW Clubsport

Here are some close up pics of this unique Carbon Fiber front lip that hugs the front fascia more than any other add-on lip in the market currently.

This M3 has the Akrapovic EVO exhaust system which supposedly have added an extra 20hp tested through their Dynapak dyno. Rear tails were also tinted to match the headlights.

Rear shot showing the carbon fiber add-on rear diffuser complete with fins on the outside of each exhausts and an upside down triangular LED rear fog right in the middle.

The car is riding low on blacked out 20″ Work Equip E05 wheels wrapped with Advan Sports rubber.



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