Monday, August 16, 2010

Girl relax with her Cars

Recognize the importance of relaxation and health. Bodies, like cars and manicures and paintings, often require attention, repainting, and a little TLC. Give your body a rest, both physically and mentally. Sleep until you are satisfied, eat until you’re full, and relax until you are rested. If your shoes are uncomfortable, stop wearing them. And make time for pampering: in my opinion, it has great health benefits. In fact, many local massage schools and beauty schools offer discounted services if you let students practice on you, so look into booking monthly hour-long massages, which usually range between $20 and $40) or half-hour $10 pedicures. I personally knew I wasn’t doing a good job taking care of myself a few months ago when I was having constant backaches and didn’t have time to read the seventh Harry Potter book when it was released. So, I started getting regular massages and made time to read. It honestly was as important for me as my tetanus shot.

LOVE THE SPIRITUAL AND IT WILL BE DIFFICULT TO DESPISE THE EARTHLY Young girls need to develop a spiritual practice to focus them on the forces greater than themselves. Readings , prayer, meditation can be done alone or shared.


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