Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Using the Car Care Guide: Empower Your Auto Repair Choices

by Marjorie S., Cars for Keeps Social Media Manager

This month, the Car Care Council and participating auto repair shops across the country (including Cars for Keeps) are celebrating Car Care Month. So what exactly does that mean?

Well, in addition to placing a healthy discount on our bumper to bumper inspections, we're emphasizing customer education. A well informed customer is a great customer - at least we think so. The better you understand your vehicle and its maintenance needs, the longer you'll be able to keep your car running efficiently (which is kind of our thing).

A while back, the Car Care Council published a printed Car Care Guide for vehicle owners to use as a reference for any and every repair service they might encounter. The Car Care Guide is now available in digital format, allowing customers like you to boost your car care knowledge from the comfort of your computer.

Click on the link above, and let's review some of the Guide's most useful features together:

Car Care Checklist - On pages 1-2, the Car Care Guide details every part of your vehicle which requires routine maintenance, exactly how these parts need to be maintained and how often. Handy, huh?

Why Do I Need This Service? Expanding on the list of parts outlined in the checklist, the Guide then provides detailed information about maintenance and service tips for each of these areas. The guide answers that pesky question, "Why Do I Need This Service?" regarding each service area in detail, so you can stop relying on hearsay and subjective opinion.

Typical Service - Wonder what kind of maintenance will be performed on your vehicle when you bring it into the shop? You don't have to. The Car Care Guide outlines common maintenance procedures for each major service area as well as recommendations for service regularity.

Questions to Ask - By far our favorite feature in the Car Care Guide, this section helps car owners know what questions to ask their auto technicians during routine maintenance to ensure you're getting the best service - and that you understand what services are being performed. Your car's maintenance shouldn't be a thing of mystery to you, and we'd be thrilled to answer any of the Guide's questions - or your own.

Why are we so excited that this resource is available to you, the vehicle owner? It provides a trustworthy source of information which
isn't from us. In other words, we can be confident that when we say "don't take our word for it", a reliable third party auto repair resource is close at hand.


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