Saturday, December 4, 2010

A Women’s Point of View: The Rush Has Begun

by Colette Cooley, Cars for Keeps Office Manager

It’s official. The Holidays that we all know and love are in full swing. The cooking, the cleaning for all the company, the shopping, the chauffeuring, the decorating, etc., etc., etc. You are Woman! We hear you roar!

I notice every year at Cars For Keeps that we see fewer women this time of year. We do get to meet their husbands, their teenagers, even their fathers and brothers. Good recruiting and delegating ladies. Our hats are off to you for knowing that your car’s mechanical health is very important this time of year when you are running here and there and everywhere. You think and plan ahead to have that oil change, those brakes checked and fixed and those inspections done to head off any potential trouble. There is nothing worse than getting up at 3AM to get to that store for those great bargains and then finding out your battery is dead. You get ten points for stress reduction.

Winter driving tip for the day: steering wheel covers. Get the kind that have material and bumps on them. The material keeps your steering wheel from getting so cold that your hands ache and the bumps give you a good grip when turning corners. How many times have your hands slipped, especially if you are wearing mittens? Oddly enough, the bumpy parts do not get that cold, so you can take off those bulky mittens with the hand warmers and stay comfortably in control of that steering wheel. The only bad part is getting the cover onto the steering wheel, but it is worth the trouble. Oh, and be sure to color coordinate.!


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