Saturday, December 11, 2010

A Women’s Point of View: We Have Elves!

by Colette Cooley, Cars for Keeps Office Manager

Tis the season when magic happens. All the elves are extra busy making everyone’s wishes and dreams come true, making children’s (and adult children’s) toys, ordinary trees sparkle, wrapping plain boxes in such a way to make us wonder in awe and mystery of what is inside, and filling our homes with smells that make us remember warm and wondrous moments.

Even in the workplace we cannot escape their magic touches. At Cars For Keeps we have elves too. Our main elf has been helping many people easily get those new tires on their cars, since the snow has started to fly through the air. Yes, we have been forced to let go of summer in our hearts and minds, so we may as well gracefully surrender to the romance of falling snow, fireplaces and warm, soft mittens.

Our other elves have been busy helping to rectify the usual cold weather maladies that affect our cars such as dead batteries, broken window seals, heater malfunctions, windshield wipers that leave streaks, and all the other little things that happen when it turns cold. Then there are the major breakdowns and malfunctions that can and do happen. Our elves can do it all on all makes of cars.

Since this is the season for giving here is the tip for the day: Cars For Keeps is giving free oil changes to all active members and immediate family members (spouses and at home children) of all branches of the armed services. It is our way of saying, ‘Thank you for your service’!


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