Thursday, January 6, 2011

Mini Cars in India - 2011

One New Year has already come. Most of the customers may be facing problem while buying a car. This is not actually a problem, but can be said as a matter of confusion. With the increase of too many new car models, the audiences are now standing in an uncertainty situation.

                 The demand of mini cars is still in a continuous growth. In India, too many car models are there which are going to be launched soon. You can see some of these cars here….

Diesel version of Chevy BEAT

 In order to achieve the share of car market, Chevy is going to launch its diesel variant- BEAT. It will be commenced within April to June this year. The sharing price of this Chevrolet Beat will be around 4.5lakh (INR).

Maruti Suzuki Swift-2011

The new variant Swift which contains the1.2L petrol and 1.3L diesel engine may reveal to the market during the mid of this year. Its expected starting price is 4.7lakh (INR).

Toyota Etios Liva

One of the super Mini Toyota is going to unveil soon. This one is Liva of Toyota Etios. It contains exciting fuel efficiency capacity and may be launched during the mid of this year.

Honda Brio

Another Mini model car is to be launched by Honda. In the recent Bangkok Auto Show, this car has been exhibited. One the important specification is that it contains 1.2L petrol variant engine and its starting price may come around 4.5lakh (INR).


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