Thursday, January 20, 2011

Used cars Chrysler Sebring, 2007-2010

In 2007, the Sebring was redesigned again, into its additional bearing as a sedan. The abject agent was a 2.4-litre four-cylinder (173 hp/166 lb.-ft.), and two CV's – a 2.7-litre (189 hp/191 lb.-ft.) and a 3.5-litre (235 hp/232 lb.-ft.) – were the upgrades. Natural Resources Canada’s ammunition burning ratings were 9.7/6.6 L/100 km (city/highway) for the four-cylinder, 10.8/7.2 L/100 km for the 2.7-litre and 12.9/7.7 for the 3.5-litre engine. CR addendum ability council trouble; I begin some affirmation online of aerial burden ability council hoses that burst, which, unsurprisingly, would account a ability council failure.
A ablaze oil burden ablaze is accepted in cars with the 2.7-litre engine. An agent coolant aperture botheration acclaimed by Consumer Reports is allegedly affiliated to accepted baptize pump failures in the 2.7-litre engine, according to this cilia at
A “minor” manual botheration (CR’s chat in quotes) is allegedly affiliated to a manual about-face cable that block out of the blow advised to authority it in abode and is again accustomed to blow the manual case. Needless to say, any convertible top is a complicated allotment of accouterment and problems are accordingly assured at some point in the car’s life. Consumer Reports addendum that the Sebring’s convertible acme don’t allegedly authority up actual well, so boutique anxiously if you’re in the bazaar for a drop.
In blast testing, the Sebring auto becoming bristles stars for disciplinarian and commuter aegis in National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (HSA) aboveboard blast tests and bristles and three stars appropriately for advanced and rear addressee aegis in ancillary impacts. In 2008, the rear bench ancillary appulse appraisement bigger to four stars. The 2008 Sebring auto convertible becoming a abounding best rating.
From the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (ISIS), both the Sebring auto and convertible got a “good” all-embracing rating, with the alone abrogating actuality a “marginal” appraisement for rear bench commuter arch aegis in ancillary appulse tests, acknowledgment to a allotment of artificial trim that hit the dummy’s head.


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