Saturday, February 26, 2011

Some rehearsal snaps from this week’s show

Well, the fat lady is almost singing on series 16. And in a happy coincidence, we've managed to get a fairly fat man in as a guest this week.
Yes, the final show in this run features an epic heavyweight bout between Jezza and Prezza: Clarkson takes on former Transport Minister, Deputy Prime Minister and architect of the M4 bus lane John Prescott, as the Honourable Member rags our little Kia round a damp Dunsfold.
Elsewhere in a packed show, JC races the new Jaguar XF against God (in the form of the rising sun), Richard compares everyone's favourite cars of the 80s (the Ferrari F40 and Porsche 959) and James heads over to NASA to check out the latest moon-based transport.
And. The Cool Wall's back! More info on Sunday's episode here, and click the handy 'next' button to see just how we went about preparing such a show.

Man, Alone. A Study.

Fuses in latest electric prototype required further testing

You can get a parking ticket anywhere these days.

"Anyone know a joke about people from the remote west coast of Scotland?"

Hammond lays down some sweet science ahead of impending heavyweight bout

It's back!
It's still back!

Some jokes don't translate well from binary
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