Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Two Greatest BMW M Cars Ever Made

BMW is perhaps one of the most well known and sought after luxury automotive manufacturers in the world, and for good reason too. The German automaker has made a reputation through building high performance daily drivable cars as well as high performance race cars that turn out to be fierce competitors on the track. We have taken a look at the greatest cars ever made by the company's Motorsport division.
It would simply be a crime to create this list without including the BMW M1, the car that started it all. The M1 was the first BMW ever to sport the M badge at the rear, and it is also the first and only mide-engined BMW to ever be mass produced. The M1 was purely built by the BMW Motorsport division as a homologation special for sports car racing; this was a car built for the race track. The street version of the M1 came with 273 horsepower, but the racing version was able to produce an astounding 850 horsepower. This is also one of the rarest BMW's to ever be built as the company only made 455 of them, each one hand made.
The next car on our list is the legendary BMW E30 M3, the very first M3 ever produced by the automaker. The M3 was also another car that was made to allow BMW to enter into several different racing series where the car shined and became on of the most successful cars in racing history. The E30 has long been praised has one of the ultimate drivers cars which gave the driver the ultimate connection to the road. Later models of the M3 are often criticized for straying too far away from the cars racing roots by making too many comfort feature compromises. It is of course important to recognize the fact that BMW is in the business of making money and the company must appease the majority even if it displeases the smaller population of racing enthusiasts. The company does often make special versions of the M3 which are supposed to be more race track oriented just like the original E30 model.
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