Monday, March 7, 2011

Kickboxer Concept-Use Diesel Engine and All Wheel Drive

Motor exotic concept was actually introduced in 2009. The designer is Ian McElroy, who dreamed of this bike will use a turbo boxer engine. Kitchen pacunya taken from the legendary rally cars, Subaru WRX.

But it seems the trend lately of diesel a year makes McElroy redesign this motor. Using a diesel engine with an additional drive drinkers all-wheel drive.
The engine is of course taken from the Subaru as well. While the successor of power to the front and rear wheels using a chain. Uniquely,
Kickboxer Concept uses the front suspension as Vyrus M2. But more sophisticated because the pro-style arm.

But how beloknya yes if the front drive chain power Kickboxer use the router? Yamaha also had a motorcycle with all-wheel drive system.
But the difference is using a hydraulic Yamaha is more flexible than the chains. Design is too crazy maybe, but still. Interesting!


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