Monday, February 20, 2012

New Lexus CT200H One of the Best Hybrids of 2012

There is no doubt that Lexus is a leader in luxury vehicles, and that they manufacture some of the Best Hybrids in the industry, and the CT 200H is one of the best hybrid vehicles of 2012, among Lexus' other outstanding hybrids.

The CT 200H is an outstanding compact car hybrid that gets 42 mpg and is stylish in its class. It a small hybrid but one that definitely stands tall with style, and one that is not a disappointment to the consumer this 2012.

The compact is a sporty car with HS 250h's rear double A arms, and Yamaha rear and front damping system that helps to ensure a comfortable and firm drive.

The CT200H is offered in two stylish trim options:
F Sport Special Edition
With the Special Edition option you will find 17" wheels, large rear deck spoiler, exclusive mesh grille, turned suspension, leatherette trimmed seats in Ocean Blue NuLuxe, dash panel metallic trim, shift knob with leather trimming, aluminum sport pedals and black headliner. Only 900 of the F Sport Special Edition will be manufactured.

F Sport Package
F Sport Package includes 17" wheels, dash panel metallic trim, shift knob with leather trimming, aluminum sport pedals, black headliner, large deck spoiler and tuned suspension.

Because hybrids can be virtually noiseless when idling and low speeds, pedestrians are often vulnerable to the hybrids if they are not aware they are on the road. Lexus has stepped ahead of the times, and installed an audible pedestrian warning system in each of their hybrid vehicles.

Under the Hood
Under the hood, consumers will find an impressive combination of an Atkinson cycle 1.8 liter four cylinder with Prius powertrain with an 80 horse power electric motor.

Consumers will discover four driving modes on the CTs hybrid system which include the Sport, Normal, Eco and Ev. The Sport mode is calibrated towards performance and handling. The Eco mode is the mode where the driver will gain the best fuel economy. CVT comes into play in Normal mode, which allows the vehicle to respond to the change in conditions while driving. The EV mode allows electric powered driving for up to one mile.

Exterior and Interior
Lexus hatchback style is definitely new, and it is a looker. The compact is a five door hatchback and is stylish. The roof, slightly raked, sharp contour lines in the front, recessed fog lights, and a sculpted hood. Inside, the consumer will find a stylish interior that spells Lexus.

Overall, the Lexus CT200H is a sporty compact hybrid that is nice to handle, performs well, and definitely has the class and luxury of Lexus. Consumers will find a hybrid with good fuel economy and definitely one that provides the comfort and looks on the road that makes being behind the wheel, a luxury in itself. Something that Lexus is notorious for, as their line of quality vehicles and hybrids never seems to amaze the consumer with the fine automobiles they manufacture at reasonable prices that make the vehicles affordable for many.

by: Felecia Drake


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