Sunday, July 11, 2010

BMW Gran Coupe

BMW Gran Coupe

With elegant lines all over the body and proportions that are sporty yet classy, the 2010 BMW Concept Gran Coupe will soon be on the rise as one of the newest status icons on the road. The 4-door vehicle carries all the marks of a BMW coupe which all boil down to six features: the extensive wheelbase, the vaulted top highlighted by front-drawn lines, the stylish greenhouse, the signature roof line, the clear outline, and the short ledge-like projection at the front. But unlike most coupes, this one boasts of LED front lights that are surely indicative of precision and focus.

Moreover, the front appearance of the coupe is one of flawless elegance. Its kidney grille has the impression of being flat, strengthened by a stylishly irregular side view. The body height of 1.40 meters gives the coupe an ultra athletic look, making it flatter by 100 millimeters than the Series Sedan and the Series 5. Its roofline also winds gracefully to the back, fostering an illusion of extra length for the vehicle. Lastly, the borderless doors let the glassy parts appear like slowly blending in with the car’s body, hinting on the limitless possibilities that are within reach with the Gran Coupe.


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