Monday, July 12, 2010

Subsidiary of White or Volvo

In 1953 White purchased Autocar, which continued thru to the 1970s as part of the "Big Four" White brands. In 1980, with White insolvent, AB Volvo acquired the U.S. assets and brands, to become Volvo-White LLC. Volvo produced trucks under both the White and Autocar brands, with a majority of Autocar products becoming cab over engine models which were also re-badged Western Star for sale in the Canadian market through the early 1990s.

Volvo-White bought GMC's heavy truck business in 1987 creating the Volvo WhiteGMC brand. Volvo dropped any reference to White, and is now Volvo Trucks North America.[citation needed]

The last traditional Autocar with a "Custom Driver Cab" was made in Ogden on December 18, 1987. After that, Autocars were made in the style of other Volvo-White products, with the bow-tie emblem on the radiator and hood side panels. The name changed to Volvo-Autocar in 1996.[2]

Autocar remained a part of Volvo until 2000, when the trademark was withdrawn from the market. After Volvo acquired the North American operations of Renault Trucks in 2001, as the merged company would have an excess/uncompetitive share of the refuse truck market sector, Volvo agreed to sell select vehicle designs for the Xpeditor low cab forward heavy duty product, intellectual properties and the Autocar Company brand rights to Highland Park, Illinois based Grand Vehicle Works Holdings, LLC (GVW).
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