Tuesday, September 21, 2010

American Soldiers Train Iraqi Security Forces on Routine Auto Maintenance & Repair

by Marjorie Steele, Social Media Marketing Manager

It's not very often I come across a story in the auto repair industry that is truly inspiring, but this story fits that bill.

According to the Army News Service, a handful of the 50,000 soldiers who remain in Iraq to assist in rebuilding the country are teaching valuable auto repair and maintenance skills to Iraqi Security Forces (ISF). The article cited Spc. Henry Moss and Spc. Edwin Perez, both mechanics with the 703rd BSB, who expressed the usefulness of this training. Both Moss and Perez have seen encouraging signs of ISF mechanics' improvement, a critical element in the future stability of Iraq.

Perez noted that vehicles in Iraq often need extra attention due to the country's extreme heat. According to Moss, a lack of regular preventative maintenance checks and services have been the number one cause of ISF vehicle breakdowns (sound familiar?) - until now, that is. With the help of auto technician-trained American Soldiers, Iraqi mechanics are quickly developing the skills to maintain their army vehicles and be more efficient with part replacement. Performing regular maintenance and service allows the ISF to maintain more reliable vehicles, making the country's infrastructure stronger and more secure.

According to Moss, Iraqi Army mechanics have improved their skills vastly since he began training with them.

"When we first got here, they would just replace any problematic (vehicle component)...Now, they are troubleshooting the equipment instead of spending thousands of dollars replacing it. Maintaining these skills is very important. If they don't have these skills, then they cannot defend against the people who are trying to attack them."

Thank you, troops!


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