Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Summer Travel Story Contest Winner

Well, choosing a winning entry for our Summer Travel Story Contest was difficult, but we're pleased to announce our winner. We hope Martha Webb and her husband enjoy their weekend getaway in the mansion at Grand Haven's Lakeshore Bed and Breakfast.

Thank you to everyone who participated - we appreciate your support! If you placed an entry in our contest, be sure to check your email for a special gift from Cars for Keeps.

Summer in Michigan

by Martha Webb
There is nothing like summer in Michigan, especially, on the west side of the state. From the UP to South Haven there is nothing but the beautiful sights of Lake Michigan. Each port town is unique in itself. I've spent many summers in Muskegon and Grand Haven, lots of fun memories. Then there’s Mackinaw and the Island. As a matter of fact my husband and I were going to Mackinaw over Labor Day Weekend – and unfortunately, we didn’t get to go. You see he had a heart attack on Tues. and Wed had a heart cath and stents. Our weekend get away flew out the window. I’m praising God I still have him and the medical staff were able to save him. That’s really the most important thing. We have only been married 7 years (both 2nd marriages). We were engaged in Grand Haven. So we have many things we are thankful for and our favorite vacation together is now the Labor Day Weekend of 2010 as we got a new lease on life and a greater appreciation for each other.


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