Saturday, October 16, 2010

A Woman's Point of View: Susan G. Komen & Breast Cancer Awareness Month

by Colette Cooley, Cars for Keeps Office Manager

The month of October is Breast Cancer Awareness month. A gentle reminder to get your yearly breast examination and there are many events that you can participate in to help in the fight of this horrible disease. My dearly loved sister-in-law died of breast cancer last year and there are probably many of you out there that know someone who is fighting this battle.

Many women avoid mammograms because it is too painful. I am one of them. I found a better way. You can get a breast exam through Thermography. It is not painful, nothing touches you and it finds anything suspicious sooner than x-ray exams. To find out where to get a thermographic breast exam in your area just Google “thermographic breast exam”. You will find many hits to explain what thermography is and how it works.

There are many cancer walks and races going on around the country and you can find out where by Googling “breast cancer walk”, or go to the Susan G Komen website. The US Postal Service has Susan G Komen stamps for sale this month, and a portion of the price is donated to cancer research. You can pick them up at your local Post Office.

Cars For Keeps is giving away ball caps for Cancer Awareness this month - although I noticed today that there are only four hats left! If you are in the neighborhood, stop by and pick one up. Women unite to comfort, strengthen and encourage each other for our health, welfare and knowledge of how we can be all we are meant to be.


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