Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Citroën to Show DS4 Purple, C3 Red Block and C6 Noir et Blanc Concept Models at the Geneva Salon

With the 2011 Geneva motor show only a week away, Citroën has published photos but very few details on three new concept cars based on the firm's production models that it plans to reveal on March 1. The design studies are the C3 Red Block, DS4 Purple and the C6 ‘Noir et Blanc’.

Starting with the C3 Red Block, the French firm's supermini sports a bespoke matt grey paintjob with red accents on the window line and the 17-inch alloy wheels, plus smoked headlamps and tail lamps, a lowered suspension, and unique interior trim highlighted by the red leather seats, aluminum accents on the steering wheel, door panels and center console, and what the company describes as a "3D Bulldog carved dashboard".

Set to make its debut alongside the final production version of the high-riding DS4, will be a design study called the DS4 Purple, which according to Citroën, "takes inspiration from the techniques of jewellery craft".

The third and final concept is the C6 ‘Noir et Blanc’, which is a study on new colors and materials for the firm's range-topping model.

We'll have more details on Citroen's trio of concept cars at the Geneva Salon next week.



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