Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Godzilla that rocked the scene -Nissan GTR

The Japanese supercar that dominated the sports scene in the 90’s is back, now coming at an affordable price of 100k. For 1/3rd the price of a Ferrari is a true supercar for the recession.The Nissan GTR dominated the Porsche 911 turbo in 2008 in the famous nurburgring race track by few seconds.THe GTR uses a 3.8 litre V6 engine which provides a lot of power and has good fuel economy;the competition uses a V8 and V10 engine to achieve this high horsepower and torque.The car that was new in 2008 has been refreshed now with more power and torque.All new for 2011 the Nissan GTR  comes with 530hp and 612nm of torque from 3200 to 6000rpm.The car gets extra 50 horsepower and aerodynamic cosmetic changes.LED daytime running lights to the front bumper and a high intensity LED rear fog lamp is now incorporated into the extended rear diffuser. The GTR comes in six  variants the Pure Edition, Black and Premium Edition, as well as the SpecV, Club Track and the Egoist edition.Some mechanical changes to the vehicle include an entirely reworked setup with new springs rates, shocks an new carbon composite strut tower bar. New light-weight RAYS forged wheels are also included, with new Dunlop sport tires that Nissan says offer improved straight line stability, better sidewall rigidity and an improve tread.What are you waiting for ? the GTR'S are quickly rolling down the assembly line and showrooms.


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