Wednesday, February 23, 2011

MINI Brings its iQ Emulating, mini Rocketman Concept to the Geneva Salon [37 High-Res Photos]

When it was launched, many industry commentators complained that BMW’s New Mini was neither as compact nor as affordable as its illustrious predecessor had been. In a possible effort to address this (and no doubt to compete with the likes of the competitions smaller offerings), MINI will be showing the Rocketman Concept at the 2011 Geneva International Motor Show this March.

MINI describes the Rocketman Concept as a “3 + 1 seater” with exterior dimensions that closely emulate the original Mini of 1959. The one-off concept is 3,419 mm (11 ft. 3 in.) long, 1,907 mm (6 ft. 3 in.) wide and 1,398 mm(4 ft. 7 in.) tall. It sits on a carbon spaceframe underbody that is left visible in some parts of the exterior and cabin.

The Rocketman Concept’s exterior continues MINI’s current design language and incorporates features such as LED head- and taillights, 18-inch wheels, a split-tailgate and illuminated roof braces that imitate the Union Jack.

Inside there are three permanent seats and one fold-down number for short journeys. The permanent ones are on rails to maximise interior space and the instrument cluster moves backwards and forwards with the driver. MINI’s trademark Centre Speedo makes its customary appearance, albeit this time offering high-resolution 3-D graphics, in-car internet and a detachable hard drive that can be taken anywhere. A trackball on the steering wheel replaces the iDrive-esque unit on current model MINIs.

All in all it’s not a bad effort from the pseudo-British carmaker. As always, you can check out our full gallery or leave a comment below.

By Tristan Hankins



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