Wednesday, August 4, 2010

AJ the Fiesta has been delighting Twitter followers with his automatic updates

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Ford has been keen on integrating technology with its Sync feature in many of its vehicles. Now, the company has really begun to test the limits of what this integration can do.

Ford has already introduced device integration for the Sync center console, meaning that users can control their phones, iPods and other devices from steering wheel mounted controls or voice recognition software. But that only scratches the surface of what's possible, especially since Sync allows for apps, just like an iPhone or Android phone.

So Ford engineers developed an app that would connect a car's electronics system, which gathers data on virtually everything that's happening with a vehicle, with a Twitter page. The result was AJ the Fiesta, a 2011 Ford Fiesta who drove across the country. Along the way, the car sent out automatic tweets about what it was doing, like "It's getting pretty dark; time to put the headlights on." It could even tell when it was stuck in traffic.

The practical uses of this are debatable, but simply point to the potential of the technology. Ford has invested a lot in its Sync technology, and has partnered with companies like Microsoft and Google in order to turn cars into mobile devices much like a smartphone.

Those who wish to hear more from AJ can follow him on Twitter at the username "AJtheFiesta."ADNFCR-3028-ID-19899824-ADNFCR



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