Tuesday, August 3, 2010

The women of SEMA

The women of SEMA
The world’s greatest aftermarket car show would not be complete without a wide variety of scantily clad women walking around the exhibition halls posing for photos and promoting their patron’s product. These car show girls fill in the voids between the automotive
works of art, keeping attendees eyes moving from one item to the next and act like magnets attracting hoards of slack jawed males to their respective booths, like sirens marooning ships full of men. People then wait in endless lines for a little more than a wink and an oversized poster complete with the signature of a women they have most likely never heard of, but it is well worth it because she is so hot. So in addition to featuring everything from high end American hot rods to some of the nicest import tuner cars in the world, the 2009 SEMA show is also chock full of females.


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