Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Detroit Auto Show 2011: C Class Mercedes

The C Class Mercedes didn’t come with more exciting look in the famous Detroit Auto Show. According to Telegraph, the C Class Mercedes will come with a starting price of £25,515 and is going to sell from this March. 

There will be 3 models of this C Class Mercedes. The first one is 156bhp C180 which will come with the above price, the second one is 170bhp 220 CDi BlueEfficiency, which will cost £27,870 and the last one 204bhp C250 CDI turbodiesel, the cost will be £33,265.

The new C-class range will now come with a seven-speed torque converter autobox.
According to Autoweek, this car will be sold in the US in both sedan and wagon variants with direct-injection gasoline engines.


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