Tuesday, January 11, 2011

A Woman's Point Of View: New Beginnings

by Colette Cooley, Cars for Keeps Office Manager

It's a brand new year and we are all filled with hope, optimism and excitement over the possibilities that the new year brings to our hearts and minds. We make New Year's resolutions that, somehow, are soon forgotten or given up on, but not in vain! The process of resolving to change the way we do things stirs our imaginations and helps us to remember dreams and goals we may have forgotten. Why not take those dreams out, dust them off and reconsider them in the light of your current circumstances? You have more of life's experience under your belt now to help make your dream come true. Why not go for it?

We at Cars For Keeps are pursuing some dreams of our own. Yes, we are experts in car repair, but it's people who are the number one concern and priority to us. Our dreams are to benefit our customers - whether you have been using our services for years or you are coming to us for the first time. Watch for some pleasant surprises coming your way from us soon.

The free tip for the week is this: That charming little drawer in your car that used to be called an ashtray is actually an under utilized treasure, especially useful to women and small children. It is a handy place to throw all those little things like change, paperclips, thumb drives, candy, gum, pieces of toys, business cards, ear pieces, SIM cards, etc., etc. This little drawer should be cleaned out once a year. This might be a good time to do that.


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