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Why Angels Tattoos are so popular in the world?

winged angel tattoo sexy girl tattoo girly
The angel is a spiritual being created by God. "The word angel comes from the Greek word for" messenger "or" send. "Angles were represented throughout history as God's messengers and soldiers. They gave their voice and repression led humanity.
They also serve as guardian of the individual and of nations. The three major world religions (Christianity, Judaism and Isl.Uhr) throughou zitieren Ángelesno their Scriptures. The angels are the connection between heaven and earth, and it is estimated that the gift of God for our safety, protection and guidance.
In many ways, the angels are represented as winged creatures of the earth float in order to provide reasonable protection against evil elements against mankind.
Guardian Angels
Guardian Angels are regarded as the protector of the umanolità usually in times of crisis.These angels are oftato operation or watch the children.
In fact, David Beckham, captain of England and the Football Star (football), in his recent autobiography, the significance of his Angel tattoo on her upper back, "I feel that my children are my even when away from home. and not just in my heart. He had his name tattooed on my dosque after each birth. It is a guardian angel, once again, take care of them. "
Arcangsie are the seven angels who are before God in Revelation. These angels are closest to God in the highest order. Archangels are the divine messengers between humans and God, they are the Battle of the sons of darkness. The most famous of the seven Archangels is Michael. Michael believes they have the battle against Lucifer (or OTRArchange) in the great rebellion. Michael is usually shown Incorporated armor, with a large sword with wings, ready to scanen.
Are holders of love cherubs. A good example is Cupid with his bow and arrow to shoot through the hearts of unwarned people what they love each other. This is why an arrow in the heart accompanies these angel tattoos. Often, the name is too expensive ouPas added Cupid tattoo.
large angel back sexy girl tattoo girly
Fallen Angels
Fallen angels are a symbol of Bataille epic encounter between God and Lucifer, symbol of the decline of mercy. The faithful in the Judeo-Christian Theologiea, says that when Lucifer and his army of angels of the night and were beaten out of heaven, the angels have descended into the depths of the earth from burning.
The Fallen Angel Tattoo typical generally considered an angel as a threat, with a bloody sword in his hand. More angels with wings are torn or injured, or even horns. These angel tattoos often a darker, heavier ink to the design nochra more foreboding. Cases angels are popular with Goths and bikers, and especially those who are followers of Satan and the art Darc.
Angel tattoos are among the most popular tattoo designs for men and women holes. Angel tattoos are attractive because they are quiet, beauty, good sense, good morals and spirituality.
angel wing sexy girl tattoo girlyAn angel tattoo on a woman means in the interior to find the soul of his true sense of self. It is divine and spder patient, und their presence is a gift. It protects itself, but also others, and believes that sometimes beauty lies in confidence. And the angel tattoo bear is convinced that it is not compatible with anything less, and where it is necessary
For hCome an angel tattoo can be a symbol for many things. The men who Angel tattoos are often very happy women. Often choose a sexy angel to their masculinity. These men scer angel tattoos known, thes I am a woman, the angel in his life. This is an option for men who are strong of a woman, but is not toujoursl'espèce. The most commonly used in some cowboys and bad guys, men, they swear by the tattoo, saying they help women.
Drew Barrymore is tattooed with her own body art gallery. One of his tattoos is an angel.
Alyssa Milano in the series "Charmed," has a tattoo with Angels in their design.
Fred Durst of Limp Bizkit has several pictures, including a tattoo Angel.
Amy Wesson, a model has a tattoo on her lower baemv Angel
Angel tattoos are thought to reflect the concerns of the personal relationship with God, either fixed or separately, be sure to select the design soigneusem


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