Saturday, March 5, 2011

Audi A8 L Security to hit the Indian shores soon

Audi, the German auto mobile is on cloud nine with the increasing demand for its luxury wagon. The German auto giant is gaining popularity with new car launches lined up in the coming time. Now the buzz is that Audi is likely to come up with the latest version of Audi armoured car in the Indian auto market. This model is called as Security, it is based on Audi A8 L loaded with W12 powertrain.

The security saloon's custom security alterations are done manually in a studio workshop. Audi cars space frame chassis is retained, however many of special aluminum plates for protection are added all around the car, also the windscreens and windows have many layers on it.

Audi A8 L Security is certified officially by German government's ballistics testing centre to VR7. The metal sheet and glazing in passenger car should stand with NATO hard core ammunition. In other areas, the protection on Audi A8L Security also adjourns with criteria for class VR 10 and VR 9. The inner protection weighs around 720 kilograms and Audi A8 may with stand hand grenade attack.

The extra weight of windows only accounts to be 300 kilograms, while the doors also add on 360 kilograms extra weight to the car. There is a door stop operation feature present in the car which can hold every door open in any of the desired position. Another important security function is a fire extinguisher system which is automatically activated through heat senors or by manually pushing a button.

In Indian auto market, Audi's rival auto mobile companies already offer security cars such as BMW 7 Series sedan , Mercedes S Class which has security function known as S-Guard which was introduced last year for 6 crore.



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