Thursday, March 3, 2011

Geneva 2011: the girls

The Geneva motor show offers a sanctum for the modern ‘auto-enthusiast' who is desperate to learn what tomorrow's cars will offer.
But it seems 6.0-litre V12s and butterfly doors and mid-engined roadsters and 400bhp small saloons just aren't enough to satisfy the demands of this insatiable creature known as ‘Enthusiastic Motor Show Man'.
So all these fine machines have been garnished with girls. Quite a lot of girls*, actually. We've decided to share this phenomenon, and invite you to share our journey of discovery. CLICK.
*May contain men

"Say cricket is boring one more time and see what happens, bub"

"I must concur: sticking your head out of a car window with your tongue out is a laugh"

"Fag break?"

"I'm going for the ‘broken teapot' pose. It's all the rage back home"

"No, stuffing this ferret down my trousers isn't my idea of ‘passing the time'"

"I believe The King's Speech is a thoughtful treatise on idol worship and individual determination, but was somewhat lacking in the explosions department"

"No, honestly, the Morgan 3 Wheeler won't make you look like a tool. By the way, the 1940s called, they want their sense of humour back"

"So the Aventador's dressing room needs wax from South African Rhus shrubs and 10 Wolfhound puppies and..."

"I love polishing helmets"

"If you gotta' problem/yo I'll solve it/check out da hook/while my DJ revolves it... ice ice baby, da na na na na na naaaa na"

"I am unable to remove my moist palm from your lower back. Sorry"

"My eyes are up here, you incoherent ape. What's that, my picture is being published? Cheese!"

"You, over there with the camera... I'll smile for food"

"I am Motor Show Girl. Fear my leg, puny motoring journalist"

"This continual dance between David Haye and the Klitschkos is enough to make you laugh. They need to get belting each other, and fast"

"You say it's ‘never happened before'? Oh, erm, don't worry about it"

"Yes, I'm well aware that if you Photoshop the car out of this picture, it looks like a midget is taking a picture of my back. Ha-ruddy-ha"

"I think the film industry needs to champion more small-budget character-based drama. But I also think Transformers 2 rocked. Go figure"

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