Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Honda Vario

Modifikasi Honda Vario Techno - Version Modif with Color Games

With target young people, Vario Techno newly launched by PT Astra Honda Motor (AHM), examples of modifications to the version already presented. Accessories "full-color" for this modification has also been prepared.

Interestingly enough, examples of modifications that were presented focused on the color game. There are several colors are used on a single scooter, red, white, blue, green and black.

Games bright colors, like red, white, and blue is not only to the body. Also on the engine fan cover, retaining heat exhaust, wheels, and mirrors. These modifications alone are simple because there is no game airbrush.

However, for those who have fallen in love with the Vario Techno, and intend to buy, need to be different and slang, can take inspiration from the modification of the color of AHM this game. But if you want fast, of course, can purchase accessories directly at Honda dealers. Author: ZBJ


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