Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Small Car plan of Mercedes for Indian market

Undoubtedly, small cars are becoming popular day to day.
According to a senior executive of Mercedes Benz, the global auto giant Mercedes is planning to develop small cars for Indian market. According to Jarosch, this car development requires huge investment nearly 1 billion Euro.

According to carblogindia.com, in an recent interview, Mercedes Benz India Managing Director & CEO Peter Honegg said “Though our company doesn’t currently sell anything below the C-class sedan, priced at Rs 28.44 lakh, we will definitely look at the compact car market” He added, “We are thinking in that direction. Definitely, (the Smart) is a very interesting product. The compact car segment is very competitive. It’s far below all our Mercedes models, and is a segment we haven’t touched, but which most of the competitors are very serious about in India,”

The company’s R&D center at Bangalore is likely to work for that small car project.
The small car which is under project to come to the market is expected to come with a price of Rs. 4-8 lakh.


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