Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Jalopnik changes format, traffic and comments take a nosedive, down 24% in 3 months according to one source, 75% in another

Above stat graph from but looking at Alexa, pageviews are down 25% in the last 3 months.

Someone named Matt, who doesn't have an email on his blogger profile (so responding directly is not possible) and doesn't indicate if he has any affiliation with Jalopnik, left the follwing comment on this post

As it should be clear, sitemeter was pulled from the sites because it wasn't functioning. This has been widely discussed and explained. A simple look at individual post pageviews on the site would indicate this is so. Thanks for your concern, though.

Ok, you refer to plural number of places sitemeter was pulled from, Why?

Further, what correlation is there that Alexa (2nd source, you know, responsible journalism standard practive) also has Jalopnik's pageviews down 25%, and I link to their site page about 3 inches about this sentance, not hard to see what they have to say.

Oh, I'm not concerned, I'm reporting this fact as news, not concern. My stats are steadily growing like mad, and I'm guessing it's for many reasons, and only one of them is that Jalopnik has lost viewers that like my simple, easy, with no advertising format instead. Huh.

Macintosh, Granny, and Red Delicious.

How ya like them apples?


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